• Bar Inventory in Minutes

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    • Inventory in minutes
    • Easy re-orders
    • Works on Multiple Devices (iPhone, Android, Laptops, etc.)
    • Cloud Based
    • Easy to read reports
    • No long term contracts or hardware

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How It Works

  • Take Inventory

    on an iPad, iPhone, Android or Laptop
  • Add Invoices

    Drop in every invoice to quickly get cost
  • Run Reports

    Inventory, Depletion, Reorder, Etc.

Why bars choose invo for their bar inventory?

Inventory and invoices in one simple system to protect your investment, welcome to invo.


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invo is a bar inventory tool that reduces the time it takes owners and managers to do inventory from a frustrating 3-6 hours to 30 minutes or less.


Our method allows users to use a slider rule on a silhouette of the bottle. The result is a simple, intuitive approach that is consistent and easily trainable.


iPhone, iPad, Android and/or Laptop. You can even have multiple people at once, add users, download the app or just use your laptop.


Reports quickly calculate pouring cost percentages, variances, and consumption.


Our mobile apps will deliver major labor savings by speeding up the counting process for inventory.


Whether you're a small bar, a nationwide chain or a huge resort, we can configure invo to fit your needs.


We designed invo to have an API so if you wanted to post your Beer list on your website or facebook, no problem you can. (optional)

Welcome to invo, Bar Inventory Made Easy

invo is a bar management tool that reduces the time it takes owners and managers to do bar inventory from a frustrating 3-6 hours to less than 30 minutes.

Gone are the days of the paper-pen-clipboard to enter in your inventory via mobile app, add your invoices with ease and your done. invo so fast and easy, you might want to start doing inventory more than once a week. Reduce labor cost, identify shrinkage, and capture missed sales.

Save $1,000s every month.
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See how the mobile works

Fast, simple and easy to use.
Setting up your bar is easy, define the bar, set up the locations and add your bottles. Once that is done you are off and running. The great thing is you can set this up on your laptop and then do inventory on your app.
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Our Reports

This is just the beginning, expect to see new reports and new features in the coming months.
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Q: Is there hardware I have to install?

A: Nope

Q: How often can I do inventory?

A: As much as you want.

Q: How long does this take to set up?

A: Not long.

Depending on the size of the bar, we have worked with numerous bars and found that it generally takes 1 hour to set this up. After that, the time you spend doing inventory will be cut by 1/2 if not more.

Q: How many people can do inventory at one time?

A: As many as you want, although we recommend no more than 10 people at a time in one bar.

Q: Why should I use invo vs a clipboard, the clipboard is free!

A: That is true, we cannot compete against free, but we can tell you with our system you will have a more accurate count, you will reduce your time doing inventory and because of how we track users, you can now start passing inventory off to others and know everything will be accounted for. Reduce time and Reduce error, what is that worth to you?

Q: What is our favorite beer?

A: Tough question, depends on the time of day.

See some of the reports

invo, your bars inventory made easy.